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How Do Contact Lenses Work?

A woman holding a contact lens and case with her reflection showing in the mirror.

Understanding Your Contacts Contact lenses are a convenient option for patients who want to experience comfortable vision without relying on eyeglasses. There are many types of contact lenses, such as standard lenses for vision correction and therapeutic lenses for myopia control. But how do contact lenses work?  While contact lenses work similarly to eyeglasses, a […]

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The Best Treatments for Allergy Eyes

Young woman standing against a purple background as she rubs her eyes.

The Best Treatments for Managing Eye Allergies Allergies can cause disruptive symptoms, from constant sneezing to a running nose. But when your allergies start affecting your eyes, it can be challenging to carry out everyday tasks. Eye allergies can aggravate other eye conditions, including dry eye and an increased risk of eye infections. Diagnosing your […]

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Reasons You Can’t Wear Contact Lenses

Optometrist talking to patient about her options with contact lenses and if she is a candidate to wear them

Contact lenses can definitely have some benefits over wearing glasses. For example, contact lenses can offer better viewing ease, increase your eye comfort, and allow for vision correction without altering your appearance. But for some people, contact lenses may not be the right solution. Keep reading to learn more about why some people shouldn’t wear […]

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