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We've Spent Over 35 Years Caring for Calgarian Eyes.

Originally founded in 1982, our Optometry practices continue to have one goal in mind: to take great care of our patients.

At Calgary Optometry Centre, enhancing your quality of life through vision and eye health is our passion. As leading eye care professionals, we strive to develop lifelong patient relationships through advanced technology, quality products and exceptional service.

High-Tech Eye Care

Optometry is a field where the use of new technologies continually improves our ability to provided exceptional patient care. Today, we can see your eye in incredible detail and pinpoint developing eye diseases, infections, or other conditions in need of care.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Kent

Dr. Edward

Dr. Roland

Dr. Linda

Dr. Jean

Dr. Jeff

Dr. Angie

Dr. Kent Prete

An active member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, the Alberta Association of Optometrists, and the Alberta College of Optometrists, Dr. Prete lives his passion every day when he sees his patients.

Dr. Prete has spoken at over 100 professional events over the last almost-twenty years. A keen educator and confident doctor, Dr. Prete is nearly as passionate about educating other eye care professionals as he is about caring for and educating his patients!

His academic & professional accomplishments include:

  • Doctor of Optometry, University of Waterloo (1997). Graduated with honours; on the Dean's list, all semesters.
  • Received the Vistakon Award for Excellence in Contact Lenses.
  • Active within the CAO, AAO, and ACO.
  • Coach and head trainer for “Prete’s Pirates”, a small four-person sports team made up entirely of his kids.
  • When not in the clinic, you can find Dr. Prete out coaching one of his four children’s sports teams. A fit competitor, Dr. Prete invites you to say hi if you see him out for a run… if you can catch him.

Dr. Edward Jang

Dr. Jang is one of Calgary’s most experienced optometrists, joining the practice in 1988 right after graduation. He highly values the relationships he has developed with his patients and looks forward to creating more ties with new patients. Like the other doctors at Calgary Optometry Centre, Dr. Jang’s passion is eye care and he takes great pride in being the ‘keeper’ of his patients’ vision and eye health. If necessary, Dr. Jang can conduct an eye examination for Cantonese and Toy Shan speaking patients.

Outside the office, Dr. Jang volunteers with the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS), providing complimentary eye exams for those that cannot afford eye care and for the homeless.

“The patients I have met at CUPS are so grateful and appreciative of the services we can provide. It has been extremely rewarding to give back.”

His academic and professional accomplishments include:

  • Doctor of Optometry, University of Waterloo (1988).
  • Prior involvement with Alberta College of Optometry (ACO) Competency Committee.

Dr. Jang has a couple of eye reminders for patients:

  • Periodically compare the vision between the right and left eyes alone… most people don’t do this.
  • Determine which is your dominant eye...if you don’t know how, come in and we’ll show you how.

Visit Dr. Jang at our Downtown Calgary and North Calgary offices.

Dr. Roland Bauder

Practicing since 1982, Dr. Bauder is one of the original optometrists practicing at Calgary Optometry Centre.

Dr. Bauder is as much an inventor as he is an optometrist. He has a keen eye for great engineering,and loves taking a concept from an idea to something tangible.

“I love integrating different technologies to create out-of-the-box solutions, especially when it means creating innovative and unconventional solutions for my patients.”

His academic and professional accomplishments include:

  • Doctor of optometry, University of Waterloo (1982). Graduated with honours, a member of the Dean's list, and class valedictorian.
  • Former Chairman, Occupational Vision Care Committee
  • Former Chairman, National Advisory Committee for Vision Care Plans

Dr. Bauder has a simple philosophy: “life has presented me many opportunities. Some to invent, others to explore. I’ve found serving my patients to be the most rewarding of them all.”

Visit Dr. Bauder at our Downtown office and South Calgary offices.

Dr. Linda Jackson

Dr. Linda Jackson is a graduate of Concordia University (Loyola College) in Montreal, where she received her degree Bachelor of Science, Biology-Chemistry with distinction, and her Optometry degree from University of Montreal. She has 8 years of post-secondary education. She also attended Pacific University in Oregon for Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical certification. She practiced in Montreal for 2 years "in an optometric practice and at an ophthalmology clinic. She moved to Calgary and started at Calgary Optometry Centre in 1979. She continues to attend courses and conferences across North America.

The most rewarding parts of practice for Dr. Jackson are the long term relationships with her patients, relationships with other health care professionals involved in ocular disease treatment, and working with her competent and friendly staff. Dr. Jackson has a special interest in ocular disease treatment and management, patient education, pediatric optometry, and contact lenses.

Dr. Jackson has been actively involved with the community, volunteering in her children's schools for over 15 years, and volunteering in community soccer and hockey for 20 years, including 5 years as Registrar for Crowfoot Minor Hockey Association. She likes to spend time with her large extended family, and especially her 2 sons and 2 daughters, who are in the fields of engineering, architecture, psychology and business. She is very active in outdoor pursuits, especially snowshoeing, skiing, kayaking, camping and hiking. She enjoys playing piano, has a passion for gardening, and travelling. She is an avid hockey fan. Dr. Jackson is fluent in French, and has been active with the Calgary Lithuanian Association.

After a 38 year career with Calgary Optometry Centre, Dr. Jackson is now retired. The partners and staff of Calgary Optometry Centre thank her for work and dedication over a long career and wish her all the best in retirement.

Dr. Jean Shen

Dr. Jean Shen graduated from the University of Waterloo with her Doctor of Optometry (with Honours) in 1999. Her externship was at the Vitreoretinal Foundation in Memphis, TN which specialized in diagnosis, treatment and surgery for ocular disease. Following graduation, Dr. Shen practiced in Vancouver before relocating to Calgary in 2000. She performed pre and postoperative care at a laser eye clinic, before joining Calgary Optometry Centre in 2002. The valuable experience she has gained in refractive eye surgery can benefit those patients who are considering laser surgery.

Throughout her optometric career, Dr. Shen has spent extensive time volunteering in developing countries. In 2004, she organized and led a team of volunteers to provide eye care and vision aids to several orphanages in remote areas of Thailand and the borders of Myanmar. These experiences have been extremely rewarding as they combine both her love of pediatric optometry and her love of travel. In her spare time, Dr. Shen also enjoys hiking, snowboarding and spending time with her dog.

Dr. Shen has special interests in nutrition, contact lens fitting and dry eye therapy. However, she welcomes all patients and looks forward to developing a tailored approach to meeting your vision care needs for your lifestyle, occupation and hobbies.

Dr. Jeff Smith

Dr. Jeff Smith grew up in Ontario and graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Biomedical Science, and a Doctor of Optometry. He interned with the Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center in Mesa, AZ, which contributed to his interest in ocular disease. He developed proficiency in early detection of conditions such as glaucoma and those involving the retina such as diabetes and hypertension among others. He was also involved in surgical preparation and observed operations like cataract removal, laser eye surgery, repairing retinal detachments, and administering injections for eyes with macular degeneration.

He moved to Calgary in 2008 and is enjoying the area's great outdoor activities. He has completed specialty training in contact lenses and his professional interests include specialty contact lens fitting, ocular disease in association with systemic health including the effects of diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Dr. Jeff Smith begins seeing patients for routine eye exams beginning at 6 months of age and continues to ensure that their visual needs are met and ocular health is preserved with regular eye exams into one's later years. He enjoys working with patients of all (and any) ages.

Jeff partipates in community activities including refereeing recreational soccer.

Dr. Angie Poon

Dr. Poon started her Optometry Degree at the University of Bradford and completed her studies at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry. Her optometric training includes completing a rotation in a large ophthalmology practice in Scarborough, which focused on treating and managing ocular disease and on the co-management of pre and post-operative eye care. In addition, Dr. Poon worked in the pediatric department at Darlington Eye Hospital, UK, where she had the opportunity to diagnose and treat lazy eye, eye turns, and focusing problems.

Dr. Poon believes routine eye exams, early diagnosis, and proper education is important to maintain visual and overall eye health. She is committed to being up to date with the most advanced methods and treatment for all areas of the eye to provide her patients with the best eye care. Dr. Poon has a special interest in family eye care and treatment of dry eye eye syndrome and other corneal diseases. Away from the office, Dr. Poon enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. She also keeps active by running and cycling.

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