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Emergency Eye Care

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There’s No Better Place for Prompt Treatment of Your Eye Emergency Than One of Our 3 Offices. Visit Us in North, South, & Downtown Calgary.

What is an “Eye Emergency”?

An eye emergency is any situation that places the health of your eyes or eyesight at immediate risk. This can include caustic chemicals (such as cleaning products) burning the eye, foreign bodies in the eye, sudden and serious infections, blunt trauma (such as taking a baseball to the eye), a contact lens that has lodged itself under your eyelid (extremely rare), sudden vision loss and other unexpected events.

Unlike the body’s other organs, your eye is always somewhat exposed and is at greater risk for these types of events. Another important element to consider is that eyesight that is lost is rarely restored. As a result of these two facts, quick action and treatment is imperative in ensuring the best potential for a positive outcome.

Should You Visit Our Optometrists Office or the Hospital?

Non-surgical injuries – If your emergency doesn’t require surgery (think: eye gushing blood, dislodged from its socket, etc.), chances are that a visit to one of our offices will provide faster treatment than a visit to an emergency room.

Our office is equipped to properly diagnose and treat most emergencies.

Shorter wait times – In most cases, there is no wait time for emergency assessment at one of our clinics. Please call us prior to your arrival to confirm our accessibility and to receive important next steps/direction.

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