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Children's Eye Exams

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Caring for Growing Eyes via Proactive Eye Care. Bring Your Child for an Eye Exam to One of Our Three Convenient Locations in Calgary.

Eye Exams Recommended Annually for Young Albertans

The Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) recommends that all children under age 18 have their eyes examined every year. Healthy adults should have their eyes examined every one to two years (as directed by an optometrist).

Young eyes change rapidly as they grow. Blurry vision and eye health conditions can start to develop that are not noticed by your child. Annual eye exams will detect eye conditions and ensure prompt treatment.

Healthy Eyes Provide a Tremendous Academic Benefit

Over 80% of what is taught in schools is presented visually. For a child with an undiagnosed eye problem, this statistic highlights a huge potential source of their academic frustration and challenges. Less than half of kids that need corrective eyewear are properly diagnosed and treated prior to entering school.

The benefit that clear sight can provide a young student can’t be overstated. We have witnessed many “problem” kids undergo noticeable attitude and academic improvements once they were able to properly see- imagine how frustrating it must be trying to be successful when you can’t see what you need to learn.

What to Expect From a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Most eye exams are completed in under an hour. Contact lens fitting exams may take slightly longer.

Before you and your child meet with one of our Optometrists, your child will have some preliminary testing done by an Optometric Assistant. These tests are fast and non-invasive, and are used to help guide the tests performed by the Optometrist.

These tests include:

  • Retinal imaging – Using a high-resolution, wide-field digital retinal camera, a detailed image is taken of your child’s internal eye structures (retina, macula, etc.). Eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are both clearly visible via this process.
  • Autorefractor – This test quickly approximates what corrective lens prescription, if any, is needed for their eyes. The Optometrist uses this information to quickly hone in on the ideal prescription.

After the preliminary testing is complete, you and your child will meet with one of our Optometrists for a few more tests and to discuss any concerns you may have.

Tests the Optometrist will perform include:

  • Case history – gathering information about your vision and eye health concerns. Updated general health and medications information as both of these factors may affect vision and eye health.
  • Visual examination of the eye and eyelid – The eye and surrounding tissues are great indicators of overall health. We assess your child’s during the exam to ensure everything looks as it should.
  • Vision clarity testing/prescription refinement – If your child’s eyes would benefit from a corrective lens prescription, the Optometrist will refine the approximation generated by the auto-refractor.
  • Binocular vision assessment – the eyes are meant to work as a team. Various testing is done to make sure the the two eyes are aligned, tracking and focussing together.
  • Digital imaging assessment – The Optometrist will review the images captured by the retinal camera and OCT equipment, outlining any changes or concerns they may have.

The Optometrist may perform other tests, including dilation, as needed.

Most eye exams take under 60 minutes to complete.

Alberta Health provides annual financial coverage for all standard eye exams performed on Albertans age 18 and under and age 65 and over. Additional testing recommended by the Optometrist may or may not be covered by Alberta Health.

Our Eye Exams are Fast & Pain Free

It’s normal for young children to have apprehensions about visiting a medical office. However, you can assure them that our eye exams are non-invasive and pain free. All we’re going to do is make sure their eyes are happy and healthy- there’s nothing to be afraid of!

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