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Everything You Need to Know About Strabismus

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object. With strabismus, one eye looks directly at the object while the strabismic eye faces either inward, outward, upward or downward. For some people, the misalignment happens only when looking far…

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A Brief Overview of Amblyopia

Amblyopia - referred often to as “lazy eye” - is a vision development disorder which causes reduced vision in one eye. What is Amblyopia? Who is likely to develop amblyopia? amblyopia is a condition which starts during infancy and early childhood.  The onset of amblyopia occurs when the brain and…

Published: 2016-12-12Read Article

Astigmatism is a common eye condition which can cause the patient to view objects at any distance as blurry, distorted or wavy. It often leads to an unclear superimposed second image. Astigmatism is a secondary vision error often found in combination with myopia and hyperopia… Astigmatism is caused by an…

Published: 2016-09-29Read Article

Often referred to as the “aging eye condition”, presbyopia is a vision error that results in the inability to focus up close objects. Presbyopia is commonly combined with other vision errors such as: hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and astigmatism. It is a common type of vision disorder that occurs with…

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Flashes & Floaters

Small specks or clouds moving within your field of vision are referred to as floaters. Floaters can appear as little dots, circles, lines, clouds, or other different shapes. Flashing lights or lightning streaks are called flashes. Almost like the “stars” seen when one is hit in the eye or on…

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