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Sports & Speciality Eyewear

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Specialized Eyewear for Athletes, Tradespeople, & Professionals. Visit us in North, South, & Downtown Calgary.

Sports-Specific Eyewear Designed to Enhance Your Game

Achieving top performance as an athlete requires more than simple ability or skill in the sport itself. Playing without corrective lenses, or losing a contact lens right in the middle of your game, can seriously inhibit your ability to perform at your best.

We work with many athletes all across Calgary and provide them with performance eyewear designed to complement their game and improve their performance. How? By providing them with vision correcting eyewear explicitly designed for their sport and application-specific enhancements such as colour and contrast enhancers.

Imagine how you could benefit by seeing the ball clearer and in greater detail, or by making it easier to differentiate what you need to see while out on the field.

Other Specialized Applications for Eyewear

  • Driving glasses – Glare is a major contributor to auto accidents. A pair of driving glasses with polarized lenses and/or anti-glare coating reduce glare while also increasing contrast, making it easier for you to see the road and differentiate obstacles, signs, pedestrians, and other objects in your field of view.
  • Safety eyewear – Safety eyewear could prevent more than 90% of eye injuries. Learn more about safety eyewear.
  • Workplace eyewear– If your profession requires specialized eyewear – such as welding – you’ll find prescription options available at our offices.

Eyewear Designed to Improve How Computer Screens & Digital Displays Appear

Digital eye strain is becoming increasingly common in our society as we continue to adopt new technologies and make vibrant digital displays better and less expensive. High-energy light (HEL), which is light that exists near the ultraviolet spectrum (mostly shades of blue/purple) is glaring for our eyes and can actually damage them. The effects of blue light on our sleep cycles are fairly well studied, and further studies are currently being done investigating how HEL affects our eyes physically.

Computer glasses have two main functions:

  • Reduce focusing strain. This is usually done via a task specific corrective prescription customized for your individual screen viewing distance and ancillary visual demands.
  • Reduce effects of glare and potentially harmful excess High-Energy Light (HEL). Special coatings have been proven to reduce visual display related eye strain. This greatly reduces the impact HEL has on your visual performance and comfort.

Specialized Glasses for Work & Hobby Use

If you wear bifocals or progressive lenses you occasionally may find it uncomfortable to sit and read because of where the close-up lens power is in relation to your ideal reading position, i.e., reading in bed. Specialized glasses move the power up the lens, making it more natural for you to read and assess close up objects and text.

Many hobbies and applications that require close-up work – such as crafts, electronics repair, watchmaking, etc. – benefit immensely from a pair of glasses that both magnify and increase your field of view compared to bifocals and progressive lenses. These glasses can reduce eye strain, neck strain, and generally make it easier for you to do what you do.

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