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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

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Visit Us in North, South, & Downtown Calgary for Quick Diagnosis & Treatment of Your Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Symptoms.

Treatment for Pink Eye Depends on What Caused It

Pink eye has multiple causes, from bacteria or viruses to environmental factors and chemicals. Each of these causes demands a different treatment, as treating a viral infection with antibiotics will prove to be quite ineffective.

During your visit, we will determine the cause of your pink eye and recommend the appropriate action.

More Information About Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is called “pink eye” or “red eye” because of its primary symptom: a visible reddening of the conjunctiva (a clear layer of cells that exists on top of your eye). Other symptoms include:

  • Increased production of tears
  • A thick yellowish “goopy” discharge that forms over the eye
  • A green or white discharge from the eye
  • Eyes that itch, burn, or have a scratchy sensation
  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Signs are assessed using specialized equipment (similar to what we use during a comprehensive eye exam).

Viral conjunctivitis is generally accompanied by symptoms resembling the common cold and watery eye discharge. Bacterial conjunctivitis is often accompanied by an ear infection and a thick eye discharge. Allergic conjunctivitis varies and may be dependant on pollen/allergen counts, ambient air quality, and other variable factors.

Treatments vary based on the root cause. Pink eye caused by bacteria can be treated effectively with antibiotics . In some cases, the symptoms will be addressed while the conjunctivitis itself heals over time.

Viral & Bacterial Pink Eye Are Both Contagious

We strongly recommend that you isolate yourself (or your child) if you have a new case of pink eye, especially if it leaves crusty discharge over your eyes in the morning. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are both quite contagious, and the pathogen can quickly spread through a classroom or workplace.

When booking your appointment, please specify that you are coming in for pink eye diagnosis.

Don’t Suffer From Uncomfortable Symptoms If You Don’t Have To

While most cases of conjunctivitis will clear up without medical intervention, this process sometimes takes several weeks. A diagnosis from an optometrist, along with subsequent treatment, may dramatically shorten the recovery time and provide quick relief of your symptoms.

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