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Safety Eyewear

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Safety Eyewear Protects Your Eyes, Enhance Your Vision & Looks Great*. Visit us in North, South, & Downtown Calgary.

Most Eye Emergencies Are Totally Preventable

An eye emergency is any situation where your eye health or vision quality are at immediate risk. Due to the delicate nature of the human eye, these emergencies should be taken seriously and prevented whenever possible. Prevention is key, because vision lost to injury or disease generally cannot be restored.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) estimates that 90% (or more) of eye injuries could be completely prevented by wearing a simple pair of safety glasses. They also note that more than a third of all eye injuries occur at home during repairs, yard work, cooking/cleaning, and other domestic duties.

Why Invest in Quality Safety Eyewear?

More affordable than eye surgery, that is. While it’s true that safety glasses need to be replaced as they wear, the benefits they provide in terms of protection is well worth their purchase price.

You can always replace your glasses; you can’t replace your eyesight.

High-impact resistance, shatter-resistance, and scratch-resistance add up to one thing, safety glasses that will properly protect your eyes from a variety of hazards.

The fact is that your eyes are the most vulnerable organs you have. While other organs enjoy protection from your body or skull, the eyes are always partially exposed. This layer of vulnerability is often forgotten about until an errant projectile or chemical finds its way into the eye.

Wearing eye protection when working or performing tasks where your eyes may be at risk is a simple and effective way to protect them.

Prescription Safety Eyewear Helps You See Clearly

If you wear corrective lenses, putting on a pair of safety glasses over top of your regular eyeglasses can be uncomfortable and frustrating. We get it. That’s why we offer high-performance safety eyewear that is designed to incorporate your corrective lens prescription. Enjoy clear, crisp vision with all the benefits safety eyewear affords… and with none of the inconvenience and discomfort you’re expecting.

*Safety Glasses Don’t Have to Look Bad!

Many people abstain from wearing safety glasses because of aesthetic concerns. We understand that it’s important to look your best, especially in image-conscious professional settings. However, when it comes to your eye health, we encourage you to take appropriate precautions.

Today you can find safety glasses in nearly every style, including frames that look like regular glasses but have top-grade frame construction. High-impact, shatter-resistant lenses are mounted in the frame to combine great looking results and properly protected eyes.

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