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Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

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Comfortable Contacts Start With a Great Fit. Visit Us in North, South, & Downtown Calgary for Comprehensive Contact Lens Fittings.

When it Comes to Contact Lens Comfort, the Details Matter

Our contact lens fitting exams are detailed and comprehensive, ensuring we get the information needed to properly fit your contacts. Proper lens fitting is critical in enjoying long-lasting contact lens comfort. Lenses that fit poorly can cause a host of problems, from red eyes to potential infection or physical damage.

Our doctors excel at providing higher order prescriptions that link your individual visual demands and health care needs to the unique features and benefits that exist in the wide array of contact lenses available. We will ensure that you leave knowing you have the best possible lens recommendation for your eyes and your world.

While the level of detail we go into may be tiring for some, we know from over 35 years of contact lens fitting experience that it is needed to ensure the best possible health and comfort for your eyes.

What to Expect From Your Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses require healthy eyes, so before we set you up with new lenses, we assess your eyes to ensure that they are healthy and suitable for contact lenses. Learn more about our eye exams.

This is a critical component and is required before contact lenses will be prescribed. Wearing improperly fitted lenses or lenses not compatible with your eyes will not only be uncomfortable – it can put your eyes at risk. Certain eye diseases, such as dry eye syndrome, may prevent you from wearing contact lenses altogether.

We will show you how to properly insert and remove contact lenses. Many people find this process a little uncomfortable at first, but quickly gain confidence once we show them how.

We will also provide general care instructions, including how to properly clean and store your contact lenses.

Assuming everything goes well during your contact lens fitting, we will send you home with a trial pair of lenses. We will perform a few trials (if needed) to ensure we find the appropriate brand/prescription/type for you.

Barring the presence of a serious eye disease, the entire exam and fitting process should be completed within an hour.

Contact Lenses for Most Prescriptions & Needs

When contacts were first introduced several decades ago, they were available for limited prescriptions and uses. Today, there is a contact lens available to accommodate nearly every prescription and application.

We can supply contacts in a variety of prescription strengths, including bifocal/multi-power configurations.

Correct Your Vision Without Changing Your Look

Contact lenses provide vision correction that is often as good or better than eyeglasses, and they do it without changing your appearance at all. If you can’t wear glasses for professional or personal reasons, or if you simply don’t want to wear glasses, contact lenses represent the ideal corrective lens solution.

Here Are Some of Our Brands

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